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What We Do

We are bringing candy back! We are taking original classic recipes and reintroducing them to your pallet. 

Most Upcoming Event

Our latest event was the Mile High 420 Festival for 2018 at the Denver Civic Center Park. 

It was outstanding!!!

That's What They Said

H.W. says:

"These Colorado Sugar Mommas pleased my sweet tooth"

Thanks H.W. you pleased our day just by meeting you!

Top Deal

Best running deal! We have lots of marijuana inspired lollipops available! Order at least 100 and receive 20% off!! 

Perfect for 420 after parties.

These lollipops do not have THC/CBD

Big CSM News

We are donating to the annual Denver 2018 Dinner in White. It is held at a secret location which will be revealed one hour prior to beginning. 

Support cancer awareness! Support cancer preparedness! Support the cure for cancer!

FAQ's For You

Can CSM do any flavor?


Can CSM do any color?


Does CSM do parties?


Is there anything CSM won't try?


Further questions email Cydney @

A Little Bit About Us

Early Morning Baking

We start early in the morning to make our sweets fresh and more delicious than you could imagine. Our processes take time only a person devoted to the craft can give. 

Handcrafted Goods

We work around the clock to ensure our homemade sweets are perfect for every pallet. 

As a small business we purchase as many ingredients from local businesses as possible and donate left over products to our local church. 

Visit Us @ Our Market

We have a booth at the Four Seasons Farmers & Artisans Market located @ 7043 W 38th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033. 

We update on Twitter and Facebook when we will be there, so follow us to receive updates. 

About Us Cont'd

Why Buy From CSM

Our purpose is to make candy like it used to be made, before corporations capitalized and we forgot what candy is really supposed to taste like. We are bringing candy back.

Female Owned

We are two women running a candy business based out of Denver Colorado. As fun as this job is, we take candy making very seriously. 

Buy Local

We are a Denver based small business. We work around the clock to ensure the products you buy from us are top notch!

About CSM

Cydney and Linda started the company in February of 2018. With there not being a single handcrafted candy company within miles it was a great fit. Linda had been making candy most of her life. While Cydney had her hands tied with kitchen management. Together realizing that they would make an unstoppable team Colorado Sugar Mommas was born. 

Our mission is to serve candy as it should be; fresh of flavor with vibrant colors. We want the world to know that it is missing out. Try our candy today and you wont ever want regular candy again. 

Our very first festival got us noticed on the front cover of The Denver Post! The Saturday issue on April 21, 2018 showed our "Leafy Lollipops" as being a hit. Folks loved our sour and non-sour options. 

Currently CSM is allowed to only to sell products within the state of Colorado. 

Learn more about Dinner In White

This year net proceeds from Dinner in White will benefit comparative oncology research at the CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center in Fort Collins. The Flint Animal Cancer Center is a pioneer on an international stage in the fight against cancer in pets and people. Your support at Dinner in White, at any amount, makes a world of difference!